I am an ICANN-accredited registrar; do I need to get certification from SITA?

Yes, all registrars who wish to make transactions with the .aero registry must be authorized by SITA, the Sponsor of .aero, and then successfully complete Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E) certification and meet legal, business and financial requirements established by SITA and Afilias, the .aero registry operator.

Completing the OT&E process will help ensure that your system will function properly, which safeguards your .aero revenue and protects your customers.

How often are the zone files updated?

Zone files are updated in near real time.

Can I register Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in .aero?

At the present time, the .aero registry does not offer IDNs.

How are connections allotted?

Each registrar gets 15 connections, and any additional connections are based on a per-usage policy.

What is the price of .aero registrations?

The wholesale price for creating a .aero domain is currently $30 USD per name per year.

When and where can I get .aero zone files?

To receive the .aero zone files, you will need to complete and submit a Zone File Access Agreement to .aero Customer Service. Please contact support@registry.aero for further information.

Where is the registrar Web-based admin tool located?

The registrar Web-based admin tool is located at https://admin.aeroregistry.net. This is the Web-based client and registrar administration tool for use by accredited registrars.  Please note that this tool will be available for registrars as of 15 February, 2006.

What are the reserved domain names? What happens to one- and two-character domain names?

Certain domains are reserved. This includes one and two character domain names. The list
of reserved domain names and further information is available on the .aero website -

Some names, such as industry two character identifiers, are available for registration to industry code holders.

Is there a Redemption Grace Period?
Registry operator will institute Redemption Grace Period for deleted .aero domains starting 15 February, 2006 following the transition.
How will transfers work?

A domain can be transferred only under the following circumstances:

A. Transfer from one registrant to another registrant - ENS_AuthID Contact to ENS_AuthID Contact:  The individual to whom the domain is to be transferred has an "ENS_AuthID" . that corresponds with the domain. If a domainname.aero domain is being transferred, then the recipient must have the required ID's or authorizations to have a domainname.aero domain. This transfer must be approved by SITA. Full text of registrar policy is in the registrar agreement here.

(Note: For the purpose of communication with registrants , SITA refers to ENS_AUthID as "Aviation Community Membership ID" or ".aero ID").

B. Transfer from one authorized .aero Registrar to another authorized .aero Registrar: AuthInfo and payment of the prescribed fee are required. Full text of registrar policy is in the registrar agreement here

How will nameservers be deleted?
Currently, deleting hosts put hosts into a pending delete status. In the RRP proxy we will be actively rotating through and clearing those that are on a pending delete status. So, hosts will delete on a fairly quick cycle.
What do I need to do with my WHOIS?

The .aero Whois service will be provided for all domains within the .aero registry. SITA will provide authoritative Whois information for each domain in the registry. Registrars will be required to point their whois client to the Afilias Port 43 at whois.aeroregistry.net.

Registrars will not be required to change the format of their port 43 Whois output.