How to request credentials

In .aero TLD, all registrants have to pass a .aero eligibility verification process concluded by the issue of .aero ID before registering and using .aero domain names.

Following the system upgrade on October 7, registrars can offer a one stop shop for most customers and most registrations by accepting applications for .aero ID and .aero domain name in one combined request. This new functionality reduces the complexity of registration by making it simpler and less time consuming.

General FAQs describing the new functionality and commercial conditions are available here.

The following text provides recommendations to registrars how to collect  additional data required from .aero customers when using pending create.

1. To submit application for .aero ID by SITA, the registrar needs to collect, in addition to usual registration information, the following 4 data fields:

  • Registrant group
  • Credentials type
  • Credentials value
  • Registration class


2. When developing customer facing web page, the registrar may wish to refer to existing request for .aero ID.


3. Data concerning reserved name allocation is NOT REQUIRED from registrars. All reserved name allocation is handled by SITA directly.


4. Authoritative definition of all registrant groups, credentials and conditions associated with the .aero ID issue is contained in the .aero Domain Management Policy. Short description of each group is also published on site here. Registrar may wish to copy or link to this information.


5. SITA also provides Excel spreadsheet with detailed description of credentials types and expected values, to facilitate automation of the data collection on registrar web sites. The table can be downloaded here.


6. All domain registration requests and requests for .aero ID are subject to compliance with .aero Domain Management Policy and the registrars must ensure that registrants are notified of its obligations accordingly.

NB: The pending create transaction was introduced to streamline processing of the most frequent registration requests. The legacy method of requesting .aero ID on SITA web site prior to domain registration with registrar, remains available and remains free of charge. Registrars may wish to recommend to their customers how to follow the legacy process and request .aero ID  here  prior to registering their name with the registrar in the cases where customers: 

  • have complex requirements such as registration of a reserved name/li>
  • are uncertain about their eligibility in .aero, or/li>
  • are otherwise concerned about the risk of paying a processing fee for denial of the pending create request.